Switching out pledge and rose

Has anyone tried to switch out compass rose and travelers pledge for unity + another necklace on mundunugu’s set? I mean the 50% damage reduction would be staple, and the 100% damage Idk how good it is because it’s not a channeling build…

I’m just curious on what amulet we would use, maybe hellfire?

For pushing it seems difficult to change them.

For T16 and speed GRs, Hellfire or Squirt’s Necklace , and CoE.

There don’t seem to be any better options right now. Endless walk set has nothing to do with chanelling by the way. It buffs your damage whenever you stand still to cast skills, and this happens a lot with this build. For solo, you already give flavor of time to your follower so that taks FOT out of the competition which is a good thing.

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