Switch vs. XBox

So, in order to have something to do on long airplane flights, I recently bought D3 for Switch. Now, I played the season, have about 1000 para and all the gear I want (non-augmented, mostly not Ancient). All my stuff is at least decent.

Still, I reach nowhere near the levels I reach on XBox. Part of it is just getting used to the controls and small screen, I’m sure, but is there anything else going on? Enemies feel stronger, resourcecost feels higher, movementspeed feels slower, my timing (pretty bad to begin with) seems way of…

Are there any known big differences between the Switch & XBox versions? I feel like I’m performing about 10-15 levels lower in GR with builds and gear that would get me way further on XBox. Is this me being a Switch Noob, or is there more to it?

There are just the default differences as you mentioned. The resolution, the controls, etc. But the game itself is the same.

Probably because the controls are different, your muscle memory is messed up, making it appear as if it’s harder.

Oh, I know my reflexes are fried: A-B are switched (…) so I mess up select and cancel a LOT! Probably my fingers are just too damn big… Oh well, thanks!

The A-B I could live with. Fine, Nintendo wants to be opposite with A-B, I can live with that. But why did they decide that the shoulder buttons also need to be changed?

The PlayStation and the Xbox keep the same shoulder buttons, so why not Nintendo too?

I personally prefer the PlayStation’s control scheme the most. The buttons are the same as the Xbox, with the exception of the touch pad, but you can’t really do much with that, but for the Sprinter conquest, hitting B cancels a sequence, whereas on the Switch & Xbox, you have to hit the Start button. The touch pad also does this too, but they just give you more options.