Switch DLC upgrade missing

Bought Diablo III not knowing the full collection had the DLC stuff. Only way to get it is to buy the game again in the Prime Evil Collection. Nintendo does not offer a seperate upgrade either. I am a sad panda and want my money back. Will the upgrade ever come?

You shouldn’t need to buy the game again nor purchse any addons besides the main game. Diablo 3 on switch is referred to as the Eternal Collection, and as such should have both the RoS expansion and necromancer dlc available.

They’re talking about Prime Evil Collection which includes D3+DLCs + D2R and some cosmetics to D3.

On bigger consoles there’s upgrade option, which is aimed for those who already own D3, that only includes D2R and cosmetics for D3.

I see, in that it would’ve been more better to get the D2 Resurrected Prime Evil Collection since that would include 2 games (assuming the OP would wanted to play D2R as well). That said, outside of a few cosmetic items, the op isn’t missing any D3 dlc content with the eternal collection that they do have.

Just some wings (which only look good on a Barb or Crusader imo), and a rather obnoxious pet is all you’re missing.

A whole lot of nothing, really.