Swampland waders

Do these still only drop for WD?

Yes ----------------------------------------------filler

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As they’re WD specific pants, smart loot ensures they tend to only drop for Witch Doctors, as 85% of drops are for the class you’re currently playing. However, this means that the other 15% of loot is for the other six classes. Assuming even distribution, that means a non-WD will get roughly 2.5% of their loot as WD loot, and therefore it’s possible for the SLWs to drop for non-WDs, albeit at tiny drop rates. I’ve had a couple of pairs of these drop for my seasonal Barb, for example.

If you want some, make a level 1 WD, craft some rare level 70 pants at the Blacksmith and use the Cube’s “Upgrade rare to legendary” recipe. You’ll have some pretty soon, pop them into your stash for whichever hero wanted them, then delete the level 1 WD.


Yeah, did that already. Got some nice ancient ones for my Wiz now.

Seeing how many builds benefit from the pants, they should just remove the class restriction on them and allow other class skills to roll instead. As it is now, all they’re doing is getting players to roll a Witch Doctor for the 30s it takes to get a pair of Swampland Waders for the elemental damage bonus.

They did it for Stone Gauntlets…maybe they’ll see how shallow the loot pool is for pants and lightning will strike twice. /shrug

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They did it for Stone Gauntlets because they don’t have a class-specific legendary ability, unlike Swamp Land Waders, which always roll with a WD-specific affix.

True, but then the gauntlets do have a much wider variety than pants do. I can still hope they’ll see that and make a change that’s sorely needed for some of us.

I was playing my Necro yesterday and guess what dropped? Swampland Waders. Wierd, hey?

I was playing my Witch Doctor yesterday and got a pretty nicely rolled ancient Haunted Visions. Also weird. But…that’s Smart Loot for ya.