Sudden fps drops for no observable reason - Even in town!


I’m experiencing random fps drop spikes that will happen over the span of 3-5 seconds.
It started happening since the latest patch, it doesn’t happen in any of the other games I play:
D4, CS2, Elden Ring, D2R, AoE2:DE, Starship Troopers - Extermination are all running just fine.
It can happen at any time, including when I’m on the menu, or even in town.

Let’s solve this together! I’ll take all suggestions to fix this to heart.

My system specs:
RTX 4080
M.2 Storage

Long version:

My D3 settings:

if there’s anything else you’d like, in order to assist me, please let me know.

DxDiag as requested by Nicole:

Most of that info is for robots, not people. Please add a DxDiag for troubleshooting.

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What does it drop too? It show you are 200 FBS. Your FBS will always go up and down. There really nothing you can do about. I play the Tomb Raider games. When I first start the game and being in the menu it is at like over 400. But when playing it runs around 150 to 180. Sometimes it will drop to like 80. As long as you are not getting Lag or screen is not chopping I won’t worry about it.

I have been doing this for a long time. I’m not just saying you. But there are to many people over thinking or worry about their computers. Yes I was like that over 25yrs ago. But as long as the computer isn’t lagging, the screen is not chopping, or the computer isn’t crashing. Like I say all the time “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”.

This crap will drive you Crazy!!!

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This kinda sounds like the “old” sound issue in D3:

Pls, check your D3Debug file for:
“FMOD Error sound not ready in xxxms”

Just to make sure if it is sound related or not.

Good luck

There really nothing wrong. I get the same thing he is getting. I have it at times at the lowest 10 to 15 Fps. Most of the time that happens in town or just staying still.

No such error, no. Thanks though!

Added DxDiag.

The only Diablo error I see is about RAM usage (it means the app is asking for more RAM). However, I do see several errors for the input manager on Windows.

Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: ctfmon.exe
P2: 10.0.22621.1
P3: f4b8fb49
P4: InputService.dll

They might be related to this:

Device Name: Joystick (Razer Tartarus Pro)
Attached: 1

Or it could be clashing with another input device.

I also noticed you had some failed Windows updates, so addressing those might help.

Yeah. I know exactly what’s causing that to crash, it somehow thinks my xBox gamepad is plugged in, even though it’s not. Been a problem for ages, but never caused issues before with D3, only really a problem in ETS2.

Regarding the failed windows updates, could you give me the KB names of the ones you see that failed so i can investigate further?

I’m also not sure why it is asking for more ram, there’s 64 gigs available, not to mention the page file is available as well.

I don’t have specific fps numbers it drops to, but it’s so bad that you’d think something serious is wrong. I assume it’s below 6-7 FPS in spikes. I’ll try and get some numbers next time it happens.

I use a program MSI Afterburner. You can monitor different items. CPU, GPU temps, Fps, & Memory use.

A DxDiag doesn’t include them.

They will be in your Windows Event Viewer or the Windows update area.

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Thanks, there’s no failed updates in there at all. So must be before I upgraded to Windows 11.