Stupid question about s27 WoL

This is going to sound odd considering I cleared GR141 yesterday with my WoL Bells Monk, but I still have no idea what I’m doing. Sometimes things blow up spectacularly and sometimes it takes a trillion attacks to kill something. I’ve watched lots of video playthroughs on youtube and I’m still missing something. The main issue I have is the following:

What is the ideal ratio of bells to cyclone strikes?

The point of the question is in part because, I’ve heard and it seems true, that when your shadow blows up a bell, it does way more damage than if the monk blows it up. There are 4 possible scenarios:

  1. Monk lays bell, Monk hits bell (weak)
  2. Monk lays bell, Shadow hits bell (moderate?)
  3. Shadow lays bell, Monk hits bell (moderate?)
  4. Shadow lays bell, Shadow hits bell (super strong)

I’m not sure if (2) and (3) actually do any damage. But regardless, my best guess for the reason why the damage is so high versus so low at times is that I’m making (4) happen somehow when it’s high and the rest of the time it’s (1-3).
I’ve tried experimenting with different bells to cyclone strike ratios, and sometimes it seems like one way works well, but then on the very next GR the same cycle doesn’t work as well.
It’s also super obnoxious that the max number of bells is an odd number. I struggle to tell what happens when I drop a new bell, if I’m overwriting one of the monk’s bells or the shadow’s bells or both or if it’s totally random.
So far the best that I’ve come up with is 2 bells, 1 cyclone strike. But as mentioned, it’s just not consistent. Occasionally, especially if I have Channeling, I just hold down cyclone strike until there are no bells. It’s very satisfying, but same thing, sometimes massive damage, sometimes basically nothing. I’ve also tried using Dashing Strike to position the shadow and that also seems to work super well sometimes and other times does nothing.
If anyone has any advice or insight on how to consistently do this the right way, it would be appreciated.

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There is an explanation from about 6:30 in this video:


That is an amazing video.

I had no idea the third bell would always create an occulus ring. I wish I knew if the destroyed bell was monks or mimics but I guess it doesn’t matter.

I also loved the tip about not casting cyclone strike on the mobs. That always drives me crazy. It’s very stupid that cyclone strike would teleport you with epiphany since since the whole point is to pull the mobs to where you are.

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I use force stand still a lot of the time when cycloning, that way you don’t teleport. On the other hand the epiphany teleport is useful as an extra mobility skill.

I just use cyclone to blow up the bells. The WoL itself doesnt do much damage at all. I pay more attention once cold comes up, but I unload every 5th bell if i can. Keep the party going!