Stuck on playing D3

I hit play, changes to playing and then just sits there. Game screen never appears. Just shows Playing now but nothing happens.


Are you using a Razer (Synapse) mouse and/or keyboard ?

If so, see the workarounds described here:

Logitech G604 Mouse and Redragon Keyboard. I have never had an issue playing D3 with this setup till today.

Hi again:

At this point, I would suggest that you contact Blizzard Support with a ticket. You may use this link to start the process:

have to play in windowed full screen. Seems I can’t use full screen for some reason but at least AIA can play again.


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I never use the full screen exclusive anymore, so now I have something to test for. All of my main Blizzard games I play I run in Windowed Full Screen these days anyway and D4 for example will only allow windowed modes, no longer has an exclusive mode option, since its DX12 based.