Strange force move bug

I have a logitech mouse and I bind Force Move to my thumb button “mouse 4”.

I used to just hold mouse 4 and the character can just move around.

But today, I found that this no longer works. I hold mouse 4, but it only registers as click to move - the character only moves to the location where I pointed. Holding mouse 4 doesn’t make my character continue to move any more. I have to keep clicking mouse 4 to keep moving, which is annoying.

Then, something even stranger happened. I was wondering if it was my logitech mouse’s problem. So I bind Force Move to mouse button 5. And when I press and hold mouse button 5, it’s also getting the same bug. But… when I press and hold mouse 4 again, it’s making the character move around again, without any problem, just like old times, EVEN I’m don’t have mouse 4 bound to any thing. The menu still shows Force Move is bound to mouse 5, but somehow mouse 4 is back to normal again.

This is strange. Not sure what’s wrong. Hope to bring this to your attention and see if you can fix it.

Sounds like you need a new mouse. Assign force move to something different and see what happens. A Logitech gaming mouse usually lasts me only about a year, and then the contacts in the keys I use a lot start to fail.

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