Strafe Question

Okay, I have the complete Gears of the Deadlands set. My Primary Attack skill is now fantastically strong, and so is Strafe. What happens if I make Strafe my Primary Attack skill? Doing so makes me incredibly powerful, but my Primary Attack is incredible anyway. Is combining the two a mistake?

You have to alternate every so many seconds to keep the momentum stacks. Whether and how you do that is entirely on you.

That is impossible. Strafe is not and never will be a Primary Skill. Don’t confuse the skill classes with their location on the hotbar. Also, Strafe does next to no damage with the GoD set. All your damage is done with your primary skill.

It really behooves you to read up on this set. Places like Maxxroll or Icy Veins will help, as will youtube videos.

Strafe is Archery category skill. It can’t be turned into Primary category skill by any means. As an example even though Secondary category skills like Chakram and Elemental Arrow can be turned into hatred generators, they are still secondary skills and not buffed by anything specifically buffing primaries.

Strafe serves only 2 main purposes in a GoD build: to move around and generate primaries. Don’t be fooled just because push variant of GoD uses a Strafe weapon (Valla’s Bequest), it serves only as a workaround for certain GoD quirk. The lesser purpose for Strafe is proccing spender part of F&R (manually fired primaries proc the other part).

I appreciate all the helpful responses. Checking the Leaderboards, I see that none of the top performers with this set are using Strafe as a Primary Skill. I have also seen that returning Strafe to the Secondary Skill slot has not reduced its effectiveness.

Sounds like you don’t understand what a Primary skill is.
Each of the DH skills fall into one of six categories. When you’re looking at the skill selection page, you will see that category’s name at the top of the page.
For GoD, when it says Primary Skill, it means specifically one of the skills in that category. Those are Hungering Arrow, Evasive Fire, Grenades, Bolas, and Entangling Shot. Those are the only options.
Strafe is in the Archery category.

To be more clear, the action slot you choose for a skill has nothing to do with its category. Putting Strafe on your left mouse click or on 4 doesn’t change anything about Strafe or the set bonuses.

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Wow, you really have no idea how the set works, do you? At the very least, read the set bonus description on the items.

Read Cavedars reply carefully.

I suspect the game is new to you, from what I understand you have misunderstood a few things and that is what Cavendarvis trying to explain.

Go easy guys, it is easy for a new player to mix up a thing or two.

Take care and happy hunting.