Stone of jordan ring

Found a soj with 20% fire 5cc and socket which would bring my fire dmg to 80% on demon hunter shadow impale build. Would this be worth using
Posted on demon hunter but not much activity nowadays

Shadow Set only supporting Impale and it doesn’t trigger any additional damaging skill, so I don’t think it will be worth it. Your Impale damage will dwarf anything that Vengeance rockets may put out as damage as well. Do as guides say and go for Focus and Restraint or replace SoJ with CoE.

If you want to build your Shadow around SoJ, you should give a try to Aughild’s for extra elite damage also, not Captain Crimson. If Shadow’s Set also can support your all damage, and you want to give a try to SoJ, it could be worth trying to grab Sash of Knives for an additional damage proc from another elemental. As you can Strafe with Impale for S27 theme, damage could stack up fast, otherwise with manual casts it’s pretty slow.
Alternatively Vigilante belt could be used for keeping Vengeance up constantly with Aughild’s. I see you lack CdR% on your gear and you may fail to craft good Aughild pieces to keep Vengeance up if you’re careless like that.

I for one, I know its damage boost to all damage multiplier of Shadow Set is unique and it does nothing for Sentries and Pets. Not sure about general damage procs. Test, compare and come to your own conclusion.

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For damage vs Focus and Restraint, no.

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Edited… After response below :+1:

That’s not an issue if he uses SoJ 78% fire, cold, physical etc. damage.

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Can someone help with the math for this?

Focus & Restraint gives 125%, what would the damage be for going from 60%-80% and the CoE that could then be included?

Is it 33% (Extra 20% is a third of previous) then multiplied by on average 50% (200% quarter of the time)? Or additive? Would it work out as 116,5% damage?

I feel like my math/understanding of how this is calculated is off because then CoE and SoJ combo would be better right?

CoE is a separate multiplier so it’s worth more than just adding an extra percentage to your other elemental main damage dealer. But Focus and Restraint should still be better for a build like Shadow Impale that has a consistent high damage output.

Elemental damage: 60% (without SoJ) or 80% (with SoJ)
Average CoE boost: 50%

Damage with F&R: 2.25 * 1.6 = 3.52
Damage with SoJ&CoE: 1.8 * 1.5 = 2.7
Against elites with SoJ%CoE: 2.7 * 1.3 = 3.51

F&R is not only better, it’s consistent.


F&R combo is even a little better than that since SoJ uses one primary affix for the elemental % (or was it elite %). But that’s a little challenging to put as a number. Anyway it affects several %.

Then there is the difference between passive and active play. If you are looking for that easy, mind numbing, time consuming, passive play build, then SoJ (stacking elemental damage) is perfect for you, especially if you don’t have any desire to push the GR envelope beyond 120.

But, as Kirottu said, F&R is not only better, it’s consistent.

But you have to click the mouse or push buttons and stay awake to keep the bonuses going.

You can push beyond GR120 with a SoJ build, I think. No idea about GR130+ though.



Yeah, honestly I haven’t tried passed 120 with SoJ and CoE. I know a few that did, but it was 122-123 after some fishing. With F & R, he was able to get to 127 easy enough.

It is interesting how many items seem like they should be really good when you read the bonus. I wonder why and then someone posts the number crunching show it is really ineffective. Oh well. haha.

Yeah I mean why would you then judge the performance of the bonus after a while and adjust numbers to make it viable? That is boring.