Step 19 of the altar

So using Marauder set, I have 7 x page 56, how do I get the other 3? Using any other DH build gives “you are not appropriately garbed to read this Tome” Is this a bug?

You need a full set (6 piece bonus active), other than GOD which has no set dungeon.

StuRedman, Thank you VERY much, sorted now. Learnt something today, ta mate!.

Or 5 pieces + Ring of Royal Grandeur.

You also can have the other set pieces with you at the Tome Altar, change your gear and click on the Altar, you should get a Tome for the other set.
No need to port back to town and/or remake games. I did it like that on PTR and it worked.

I know you said you have it sorted out now. But, just in case someone else has this issue, I hope they catch this video. It’s from Season 28, when the Altar was first deployed. But, it shows what you need to know.

It is not a bug. (Hint: Only Sets that have an associated Set Dungeon will work. And all four Sets must be for one Class).