Starting Town Summoning Corpse

Could we get 1 corpse in town to resurrect/revive a minion at the start of the game? I’ve run into issues when my merc is dead and I’m out of gold, so starting hell can be difficult with just a golem.

My one work around has been to go into Pindleskins portal, but that can be closed out depending.

Good idea, but it’s not classic. We haven’t broken the ice yet where they update this game beyond release with new features.

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well just to let you know that 1 corpse will never be enough at that point. But there is a few other issues i’m seeing if your at that point.

  1. Gold farm nightmare a bit if you can effectively run it.
  2. Get some more lvls for skill points to make sure your summons just don’t die.
  3. Do some Act III runs through Travincal down for some drops. From rares and boss.
  4. Look at merc and making sure you have the right one. (Usually are stronger if hired from normal)

You can raise skeletons in A5 right outside of town. Leave town, walk a couple of meters: There are some corpses which you can rez.

With nec the pindle portal should be left accessable anyways.