Staff of Hearding Bug. Season 30 Softcore

Hi there,

i have the Bug that the Staff of Herding didnt show up in the Weapon Forge. i collect the Plan by killing Izual before and farm the other Items to craft one.

Did you “teach” the plan to Haedrig ?

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The staff is a bit odd. Make sure you select “Show All” not highest or have materials. Some classes can’t use staves and it doesn’t show for them unless you do “Show All”.


Yes, i teach it to Headrig and yes i select show all. i also create a new character, but it does not show up. Non Sesonaly i can see it.

You need to teach the plan in the mode you want the staff.

If you teach the plan in non-season or in seasonal… it won’t show up in seasonal solo.
Same with Hardcore / softcore.


This thread can be close. there is a chance the Monster drop that Plan, its not guaranteed.

Well thx for your help, have a good day. :slight_smile:

when you go to kill Izual, you have to unequip pet. It worked for me. Because when the Husk is activated in Altar of Rites, that’s probably when it happens.


Just a coincidence.

Nope… the pet won’t pickup plans.


i know that pet won’t pickup plans. it seem to be a bug…when i uneequip pet, and kill Izual the plan dropped on first try

Just luck, like said above.

There is no bug.