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Does anyone even use Firebats ?

In cube with Arachyr’s set/build.

Sadly, 2H weapons are not design for WD (and other classes).
If you use a 2H, you’ll lost benefit from a ceremonial knife and a offhand.

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Thanks for the reply !

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I used Firebats in S23 solely as WD and was able to hit GR105 solo. It was surely a struggle and it felt clunky. Even with the proper setup there just wasn’t enough defense, and you have to stop to cast Hex every 15 seconds so you build the damage but really only have a few seconds that you can stand there dealing before having to flutter in/out with spirit walk just to avoid dying. I often tried to time spirit walk with repositioning and Hex while channeling in between for 3-4 seconds.

Anytime I’d get greedy, that was death. and especially VS RG Firebats felt terrible. I could easily spend 50%-75% of the GR clock on the RG alone.

It was more of a trash clearer and avoid elites type of build.

I only use arachyr as a speed locust swarm build to level gems quickly to 35 and later with some ancients and augments and higher paragon you can esaily do this up to 45 or so.

Just get the 10 sec CD after elite pack with spirit walk and severance and this set will clear the rift in 1-2 minutes unless it’s the corvus or basement with doors and crap will take about a minute longer. If it’s a open map and you don’t want pick stuff up you can clear in under a minute.