SSN 26 Switch - Daily Loot Goblin Amiibo invite

Friend Code: SW-7671-5140-9141.

I usually toggle online play in the mornings to see if I get anybody jumping into my game so I can use my Loot Goblin Amiibo. Figured id attempt to share in case anyone lower level or even higher level is in need of some extra loot/gems/gold.

Anyone is free to jump in to see if I toggle the portal for the day (depending on if I get anyone may be done that day. I only wait so long. Reset is every 24 hours or so :grin:) leave after you got the goods if youd like.

I havent used it today. Ill wait a bit longer before going solo.

Is this offer still good? Add me on Switch at SW-3927-3450-2510 Plus I would like to have more friends on Switch


Yup still good! Also got access to whimsydale! Feel free to add me if you want in, looking for friends for diablo too! Not online now so I may forget to add you later! Came on here to see what was new and saw this reply :grin: