SSF journey not shared

I’m seeing some other complaints about this. If you have 2 or more characters, the stash and paragon points are shared, but the season journey is not. Each must do their own journey. This just seems odd. I guess it’s on purpose, but it feels like a bug.

Huh ???

I have 3 heroes in Solo mode and 1 in Non-Solo (normal) mode.

The 3 heroes (2 Normal and 1 Hardcore) all share the Journey.

The “Non-Solo” hero is on a different Journey… although all the cosmetics earned by the “Solo Seasonal” are available.


Well… glad it worked for you, but when I did it, one toon completed 4 chapters, while the other toon was 0 complete. So maybe it IS a bug. I started the 2nd toon 3 days later and not at the same time, so maybe that had something to do with it.
A couple of others reported the same bug, I think. Both were rebirth, SSF and not hardcore, if that helps the devs track it down.

Perhaps you can link some screenshots to show that.

My crusader was created at the very end of the Journey… I needed to complete a GR 55 with a 6th set for the 3rd conquest (Years of war).

Ok, it’s a bug, but a different bug than I thought. The second character said “Chapter I 0/9” until I hit “view progress”. After that it correctly displays the journey progress. So yeah, at first glance it looks like the journey is not shared. Glad you caught my mistake.