SSF and non SSF are treated as separate journey

Thus, if you only play SSF, and have 2 conquests, and need a third, and switch to non SSF, your entire journey has to be redone from scratch. But this also means you can acquire multiple Haedrig’s this season.

Achievements are also treated as separate. Thus, whereas previous seasons you could only get 1050 achievements, right now, you can get 2100.

Sadly, the one thing that is merged are conquests. Whereas GR leaderboards have a regular and SSF variant, the one thing I was excited for this upcoming season was SSF conquest leaderboards, but those are treated as merged. Thus, SSF players will be at a massive disadvantage to those not playing SSF.

Diablo 3 Season 29 PTR - SSF & Non SSF are treated as different (except conquests) - YouTube


This is expected. Solo Self Found means exactly that.

I’m talking about the season journey, i.e. the overall stuff you need to accomplish to get your stash tab, portrait, etc. SC & HC are separate modes, but they’re still part of the same journey. And you only get one Haedrig’s Gift previously, so if you play both SC & HC, you have to choose where to collect it.

Thus, if you have 2 conquests and play SSF, and need a third conquest to complete Guardian, you cannot finish it by completing a third on non SSF.

The only aspect that works as expected are the conquest leaderboards. And sadly, I was under the impression that the leaderboards were suppose to be separate for SSF and non SSF. But only the GR leaderboards are separate.

The bottom line is the stuff that’s suppose to work together don’t, and the aspects that are suppose to be separate, aren’t.


im totally ok with that separation. ssf isnt for everyone, and this being an additional aspect of “solo” is fine.

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Agree that conquests should not be merged cos SSF players are disadvantaged by quite a bit. If conquests can be separated between SSF and non-SSF, it would be really good.


Journeys are separate, but you do not get 2 Haedrig’s Gifts. I tested claiming first one in SSF, when I completed chapter 2 on regular season I didn’t get another. Then I completed chapter 3 and claimed the gift on regular, I did not get it again when completing chapter 3 on SSF.

There only one problem with this. You get all the rewards, but no credit for the season journey. So if they are giving you rewards you should get the credit for season journey.

Do you really need the season journey to do a conquest. Maybe not I did all mine on the SSF.

You only get the gift once no matter where you are doing it. I have done a lot cross stuff. I have done conquest on both Hard core and Soft Core to do the season journey. That is how it works you get the 3 gifts once Sorry.