Squirt's question for the Math people

Hey all,

I have a couple choices for Squirts on a GoD DH. They all are pretty close and I was wondering if the math folks would be able to say which would be the best option. In the pic, the bottom two are regular legendaries (no Caldesann possible).

EDIT: This is for NON season.

Unrelated question: For pushing, Maxroll recommends Valla’s Bequest transitioning into Fortress Ballista at high paragon.

  • What paragon would that be?
  • Why not just start with Fortress? It would provide a shield from the start.

I’d keep the primal. If you use Remnant of Pain with the autofreeze, your hits are crits anyway. Thus CHC isn’t that crucial.


I’m not a math guy, but the last Squirt’s is your best. The difference between 92% and 100% crit damage is negligible. The 20% Cold over 16% Cold is a bit more impactful.

If you want to keep the primal, you could roll off the Cold Damage for Crit Chance, for high pushes but I’d probably scrap it for the ashes to craft another item into a Primal, possibly a better Squirt’s or a good NCS.

Anyway, yeah, that last Squirt’s is the best out of the three.


As far as your other question, your instincts are correct. Fortress Ballista is your best bet. With the soulstones this season, you get enough attack speed to reach any breakpoint you’re interested in.

Valla’s is only recommended because periodically you’ll get an extra automatic Hungering Arrow but it depends on how close or far away from the target you are. Using Rocket Storm Strafe does the same thing. So yeah, if you like the shield from Fortress Ballista from the start, just go with that. Valla’s isn’t as necessary as maxroll makes it out to be and going without the shield means you have to be more careful about ground effects and those poison pools and frozen enchanted mobs will wreck your Squirt’s stacks.

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Oh! This will be something for NS when it flips over. So it will ultimately go on my Andaresa DH. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

Awesome thanks!

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You need a fair amount of toughness for the shield to stay up.
However, with the soul shards and the altar, and particularly if you’re using Guardian’s and have decent all resist on your gear, you can go straight to the Fortress.

I’m running Squirt’s and the poison soul shard which both weaken your toon, but even so with all the above I’m able to keep my shield up almost permanently. Some elite affixes still burn through it, but that’s inevitable.

If you run the non rorg/non guardian’s build, then you probably would want a fair amount of paragon before the shield will stay up reliably.

As for your Squirt’s if you run the cold/freeze soul shard with free crits, then the primal is the best. Otherwise the cold 20/92/10 is the best.

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Ammy number 2 is most damage for quiver build, Ammy 3 is more damage for dual weapon build, but also depends on your other gear which will benefit you most.

paragon 2500 is what they generally mean by “high paragon”.

Valla gives you about a 25% damage increase to heavy density. maxroll is telling you when you dont need that extra damage because you have enough paragon to suffice, switch to Fortress.

i suggest you just use Fortress at all times because it’s too good for keeping up Squirts. Even at low paragon.

the last is the best
the middle is also a good choise