Split Shield Crusader Build

After hitting a somewhat higher paragon (around 1.5k) I realized this build has diminishing returns based on the skill that allows a two-handed weapon to be wielded with one hand. I’ve adjusted it somewhat slightly:

Cube Powers: Akkhan’s Leniency, Akkhan’s Manacles, Broken Promises
Passive Skills: Fervor, Indestructible, Finery, Towering Shield

Blessed Shield is equipped with Shattering Throw.

Weapon: Gyrfalcon’s Foote
Shield: Jekangbord
Gloves: St. Archew’s Gage
Shoulders: Spaulders of Zakara
Chest: Aquila Cuirass
Helm: Andariel’s Visage
Necklace: Squirt’s Necklace
Finger: Convention of Elements
Finger: Band of Hollow Whispers
Feet: Boots of Disregard
Legs: Pox Faulds
Belt: Belt of the Trove
Wrist: Optional

Legendary Gems: Legacy of Dreams, Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard, Bane of the Stricken.

You probably never browse through guides to come up with your own stuff, but you are missing a lot.

The Ice Climbers on Feet will Negate the downside of Stone Gauntlets to get a lot of extra toughness. Wearing the Skeleton King Spaulders grants a Free Cheat Death. When you solo, put Unity on your follower with Immortal Token and wear one yourself.

Poxvaults do nothing, get an elemetal role on Black Thorne on your pants. If you wear your Manacles, you can get something better in the cube. Justice Lantern adds way more than hollow whispers.

I love the Captain America build, but you’re leaving out lots of good stuff!