Spirit Barrage and Enforcer gem

I did a couple searches, but found nothing recent. Do Phantasms benefit from Enforcer or is that gem useless for use with Mung set?


When the Mundu set was out, Enforcer worked with this set, but…

But WD was too powerful, so after a “little” nerf, this gem doesn’t work with Phantasms :slight_smile:


Thank you. Appreciate the help!

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Is it just with that gem or do other ‘pet’ bonuses benefit the Manitou?

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Spirit Barrage is no longer considered as a “pet”.

Before, you can use Enforcer and Mask of Jeram, but now… No

The “old” build:

Only phantasm is considered a pet, non of the other runes are ever pets. Ofc you gain phantasm from gazing. When you choose manitou, you have 2 separate runes and kind of 2 damage systems,

A manitou which “fly in air” seeks out and destroy target

B phantasm that sit on floor spinning and damages target.

Whatever pet mechanics left only benefits phantasm dmg, that is att spd and skill% as separate multiplier. All other wd pet items are nerfed for phantasm.

SB is not a pet skill, only phantasm is treated with partial pet mechanic benefits.

Well, the real problem is that turrets and fire allies can definitely be pets, but it would be stupid to consider a phantasm a pet.


For some reason, I see the top Mundu builds using the Ring of Emptiness, which seems like a pet ring to me. So, do people only wear it for their own damage buff? I am not sure about that one.

Ring of Emptiness

You and your non-Fetish pets deal 279% increased damage to enemies affected by either your Haunt or Locust Swarm. (Witch Doctor Only) [250 - 300]%

I would imagine it’s due to the extra 300% damage to the WD’s own damage, i.e. a four times damage multiplier.

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It’s for the damage buff.

Ring of Emptiness is now* used on pets builds (Arachyr, Helltooth) AND non-pets builds (Jade Harvester, Mundunugu, LoD Spirit Barrage).

* Prior to patch 2.7.2, pets did not benefit from the bonus.

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Not sure why you’re frowning.
It’s the exact text from the Game Guide’s description of the item…

When an item’s power has a range, 250-300% in this case, the Game Guide picks a number roughly halfway between the minimum and maximum value and gives that as an example of a value you could get.

Oh, never noticed that.