Speed Pylon Knockup will prevent monsters from dying

Speed Pylon “Knock up” will prevent monsters who got knocked up from dying. They will remain with like 0.0001%HP and will never die no matter your damage. They can only die when they land!

This bug have been there since forever…very2 long…But I always postpone to report it since I think this will surely be fixed as it seems obvious…but it was never fixed, it has been years and years.
This is really bad, I skip speed shrine, but it’s a pity cause the shrine have it’s other benefits (and it gives a rare monster spawn too)…but builds like Rend Whirlwind and Frenzy savage for example, is really messed up due to this bug, so you have no choice but to skip it, Even the Rare monster spawn is not worth it to me due to this bug especially on Fast GRs that is Lesser than 5 minutes. Please fix it. I bet a lot more other builds is messed up too, but especially these 2 it’s really bad. I only play barb.

Quite sure that’s a feature not a bug. Any monster that’s airborne is effectively immortal, goes for any monster that can jump as well for example scavengers and lacuni huntresses. I would imagine it has something to do with location.

Well I would argue it’s a very dumb feature then…things like lacuni etc is quite rare and doesn’t happen all the time.

In speed below 5 min GR’s…2 minutes Speed pylon is quite common…and it’s like 40-50% of the whole rift!! And it effect every monster not just one, it messed up many builds especially WW rend and stuff…

It’s worth it to report I think if blizzard consider this a bug then… Or might as well just remove the damn knockup then…