Soul shards not correctly generating the 3rd random power

I have upgraded Sliver of Terror to rank 3 over 10 times now and every time it gives the ring of fire upgrade, never the other 2 options. Given the overly low drop rate of embers this is the most I have been able to test thus far.

Upon further input it appears that other powers do indeed generate but at a much lower rate than Ring of Fire.

Just bad luck, and bad luck is still not recognized as a bug

Are you verifying that it has generated a different power for rank 3 then? I have not heard from anyone else getting anything different yet. If so, please indicate which of the other 2 powers you have observed. Thanks.


That is the same power I have mentioned. Ring of Fire is the only one being generated.

Oh, ok let me check some profiles


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Thanks for your input. However clearly the ratio is off as this is the first example I have heard of any power other than Ring of Fire. The chance of them should be even, by my experience and the input of others that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Possibly because we didn’t know this was an issue.

I’m not even sure what you’re referring to. I’ve upgraded 3 Shards, for Weapons and haven’t seen anything about this Ring of Fire Power.

Just now I even wasted 3 more Embers to upgrade a Shard for Helms to see if that had something to do with it. Nope…   I still don’t see it.


The issue was related to the Sliver of Terror generating only that one power over 13 times in a row. I eventually got the power I wanted to have. on attempt number 15. Considering that the 3 powers are supposed to be an equal chance it felt like something was wrong. We have discovered the other powers do indeed generate, but I still feel that it deserves having them look into the ratio. Granted RNG can be like that.

My 5 attempts:

Cheers !


My apologies. You did mention that in the OP, but your title just says Soul Shards. And you don’t refer to the Sliver of Terror in any of your other comments. Forgive me for missing that.

I went back in to upgrade 5 Sliver of Terror Shards this time, like @Boubou did. Here are my results:

So, I got 3 out of 5 with Ring of Fire.

“True dat.”

Here’s hoping D3 RNG is much kinder to you when Season 30 goes Live!