Sorceress on a controller?

Normally, I play Amazon (well, Bowazon, if you prefer).

However, now that I’ve seen what you can do with a controller, I’m seriously considering buying one for my PC, just to play this build:

Sorceress, 20 levels of Warmth, 20 levels of Telekinesis, 20 levels of Energy Shield. Then, just rely on whatever staff I get. Should be fun!

i played the Sorc on pc with xbox controller (20 years only mouse&keyboard in d2) and was absolutely thrilled.
Ok the teleporting and targeting skills are harder to hit but it works very well :slight_smile:

i played with Firewall, Blaze, Frost Shield and Chain Lightning till lvl 21

I will definitely play with a controller at release.

I tried to play my Nova Sorc with a controller and it was slow but quite fun. I can imagine switching to the controller for repetitive and undemanding runs.

What controller are we talking about? One for the PC? I’ve been playing this game for 20years with keyboard/mouse. My hands are stuck on the same keys.