Sony / Disney: Split over Spider-Man

I’ve seen this debated elsewhere, specifically on reddit, Twitter, and YouTube and it seems like most people are blaming Sony and defending Disney.

I’m the exact opposite. I definitely blame Disney for being overly greedy going off the reports I’ve read.

What do y’all think?

I agree. This is my Spiderman movies rankings from favorite to least. Now I really liked the Rami ones but of course today graphics of amazing spiderman was way better. Anyway here is my ranking
2007 spiderman 3
2002 spiderman 1
2004 spiderman 2
2014 amazing 2
2012 amazing 1

Negotiations break down, it happens and keeps happening until both sides get what they need. The only info that can be trusted about such matters is when it’s directly from each party involved and never the media.

The film is being made and will be released in July 2021. Watt’s and Zendaya are returning. Kraven the Hunter is the main antagonist. Maybe we’ll see Squirrel Girl, too.