Some questions about GoD builds

On Maxroll, the GoD is heavily built around using Dawn to keep Vengeance up 100%.

However, looking at the top of the GoD leaderboard, of the dual wielders just about no one is using Dawn (but they are still using Vengeance). So, I have some curiosity questions.

Is that leaving Vengeance to expire before the cooldown? If so, is there something offsetting the damage loss and defense loss during the cooldown? Or is there something else allowing Vengeance to stay up?

A lot are using Valla’s Bequest. What’s the advantage of using it? Does the piercing aspect of Strafe fire more Hungering Arrows? If not, what’s the advantage of piercing Strafe projectiles?

I notice that of the Focus and Restraint rings, one is always Crit, Crit, AD, but the the other is Crit, Crit, Damage Range. Why the AD vs Damage Range difference? Why not both AD?

Don’t forget about Empowered Shrine this season. That allows you to get 100% Vengeance uptime (or close to it) without Dawn.

More auto fire generators in high density situations. It’s a bit complicated, but the auto generators from GoD 4p bonus fire when Strafe actually hits something. There’s a very short cooldown between auto generators (9 frames). Using Valla’s means that when there’s a bunch of enemies around, you’re more likely to land a Strafe projectile exactly after the 9 frame CD for a bit more dps. It’s not a huge dps increase, I think people estimate maybe 20% in density? And it does basically nothing for low density, e.g. vs. RG.

There’s definitely other options, e.g. you can run a 2-hand crossbow (+ Ninth Cirri Satchel worn, Fortress Ballista in cube) for more base damage per generator shot.

2-hand crossbow = more damage per Hungering Arrow
Valla’s = more Hungering Arrow shots


I’d guess this boils down to having more damage per hit for single targets. AD is great but requires density to be useful. Raw damage however applies to every hit. Basically it’s about balancing DPS between single targets and density.

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That confirms what I was guessing: Pierces = more possible Strafe hits = more auto arrows.

Makes sense.


Tou mentioned frames, so one more question.

Does the game itself have a fixed fps output, regardless of what someone sets the rendering frame rate to in the settings?

Yes, the D3 game engine runs at a fixed 60 fps. Your game client then just smooths out the animations to display at whatever fps you are running at. But all your skills still work on the underlying 60 fps for breakpoints etc.

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