Social Feedback on S24

Had a fair play of PTR and the moods within our social groups is not good for S24.

Firstly, the drop rates for usable Ethereals is too low and most players may not see one for the build they play at all, meaning they are already disheartened to try.

Secondly, even if a player manages to get a usable Ethereal and enjoys building with it this gets removed from them at end of season.

and Finally, most non-hardcore players will never see one of each Ethereal from each class to unlock the achievement to use them in transmogs, so you have completely missed the mark on this.

So to some up the feel of the S24 PTR, it feels like you’re trialing mechanics designed for D4 with unattainable goals for the average player so this surely can only mean another dead season on D3.


Concerned and disheartened fans of Diablo.

It will be fun for a bit, but they really need to improve everything besides the Crusader update (I believe). I haven’t tried the sader yet but I haven’t seen many complaints. Ethereals need to be changed a little bit. Some aspects of it weren’t thought out very well. Increased drop rate or permanent. Everything else is dog poop and there is a major bug.