So what about A6/I2 in 2.7.0?

If they dont touch it, then this builid will be still awesome to play. I hope this will happen, becouse i love bombas! :smiley:


I enjoy Bombs too, very satisfying play. I got this feeling the end of 6pc set hybrids is near.

If this happens, not all is lost. Comparing the thorns and differences, assuming CC3 for every build below:

A6I2: 900% + 300% = 13x
A6+EW+SA: 300% * 100% * 20% = 9.6x
A6+F&R (no RoRG): 300% * 125% = 9x
A6+A3: 300% * 30% * 100% = 5.2x | 6.7x

A6 can use Endless Walk+Stongarms. It probably averages out to 7x multiplier with the damage loss from movement, or close to -5GRs.

All variants are weaker for sure, but I’d probably run Endless Walk.

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Yhm why they should remove hybs? (Like 6 pieces of base set + 2/3 other set pieces)? I heard anything about already? :slight_smile:

I hope this time they allow for A6-I2 still so i can have my new main strong like was before. After DH nerf, ill drop her (i made 145 solo NS tho, so its good time to change main) and will focus totaly on my Bumber.

Cannot wait to implement to him follower’s FoT, Nems and maby more other fun pieces? But already this two will take me to new personal record, im pretty sure.

I spend ~300 keys NS on A6I2 (im para 5,8k) and i got 141 clear, made after ~100 keys.

142 was tried also 100-150 times, but no luck yet, with my new follower this will be not only easier but much more interesting!

Im very happy my new main prob wont be nerfed or changed and seasonal bullsh it dont addres him very much.

Last thing i wanted to tell u about is my monsterish Flail!

Its ancient:

  • 1,4k str
  • 1,4k vit
  • 10 cdr
  • 22 ad (rolled AND I HATE THIS! I tried more then 500 times roll 23-24 ad already, atm cost of roll is super high so if i wanna try roll twice i have to pick up gold from vault as character optimalized to goldfind - max gold). This weapon ruins me and i never have gold for improve GR’s from 2 weeks, cuz all i have go into Flail. Cost is incredible, but i cannot say exactly cuz im not good with math especially with so much ZERO’s within.

I still got Boyar gem to upgrade, i closed 141 with lvl 144 Boyar, max it should have some impact too, but as NS only player i got problems with this lvl gem upgrade, cuz i dont belong to any meta (dont like any builid for current 150 meta, so i dont play it).

What’s your best solo clear as Bombur?
Was Canon resurce on your bar?

Asking cuz i got good feelings with Canon or with Hit Me provoke (basically constant 50% more block/high DR with Lantern).

What about shields? I had maby 100’s usables but best one is on my profile - 28% block, 8 cdr, 13% bomba, non ancient strenghth, ranged reduction).

I think its cool to obtain super best eq for this char cuz its more fun if something is hard and required a lot more time invested.

What u think about 2.7 Follower as addon:? Your Bumber happy with it? :smiley:

If they want to slaughter A6I2, they’ll move the 90% thorns stacking mechanic to the 6pc as well.

I play DH and Sader too. I haven’t pushed A6I2 on non-season. I went with LoN Bomb and got up to 140 in like 50 keys. I left the old AoV Sader clear of GR142 on the leaderboard, I’m pretty sure I could match it with LoN Bomb after 500-1000 keys. In testing the Follower, I went to the PTR and cleared GR140 on A6I2 in 12:32 with half my gear augmented @ 36k strength.

It looks like AoV Sader became especially strong because you can trigger nemesis, those Ivory Tower boss kills are now much faster.

You can say the same for LoD Blessed Shield, having adds on the boss can raise Leniency stacks from 8 -> 50+. Not sure what I’d take in the amulet slot, maybe a good Hellfire Amulet?

You should probably make a gold find build for that flail. Suck it up and just hit a few Vaults. Or find another ancient flail that starts with 24% AD because 10% CDR seems easier to get.

Does Canon resurce mean block chance?

I don’t use Provoke, my block chance on the season Crusader is 63% with shield, justice and hold your ground. I’d go with AD, Bombardment % and if you’re lucky CDR.

My LoN Bomber is very customized, I do find the game more rewarding when you have to get the right secondary rolls.

Yes, 2.7.0 makes many builds a lot stronger, the A6I2 especially. It will make getting 140 gems very easy solo.

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I am not a good crusader player but I think loosing aquila will hurt me with pushing. I ve tried removing it in S22 to see how it feels and I also removed some of my paragons and I died a lot. The difference with the toughness was significant. I guess I will have to do with unity instead of justice lantern. Damage stays as it is which is nice. Flavor and nems perfect too cause we were locked in these slots.

In that case you may need Unity + Justice Lantern, which will hamper your damage a good bit.

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I tried the Aughild variant on PTR for speeds, as I can’t stand playing A6I2. Feels a lot like the original LON Bomber. Constant pony, waiting for oculus spawns etc… Though having collision really upsets my flow lol… so whatever times I posted there don’t really show off it’s power I think. It’s a right bit more potent than the LOD Bomber I played in S22.

If we’re talking about LON/LOD then I think we can manage to slot in a nice Hellfire/Squirts depending on the content. Squirts for speeds is simply amazing.


Nice, i will definitely try that. This build grows on me the more i play it. I even got the hang of it for some semi - speeds up to GR 110-115. Nems and flavor will only make it better.

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Agree. A6I2 is a LoN Bomb v2.

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