So the brawling forum lives on!

As an avid brawler from the PVP golden era (1.0.7 and 1.0.8 in 2013-2014), I am glad to see that the brawling forum hasn’t been forgotten!

That said, I’m doubtful that brawling will make a comeback unless very major changes are made to the system (e.g. disabling or nerfing many set bonuses, disabling paragon, adjusting certain legendaries, and more)!

What are your thoughts?

Iria, the legendary PVP DH


Some of the best times I had in D2lod was pvping for hours. I really looked forward to pvp in D3 and I hate that it never became a thing in D3. I have no idea what it would take to make pvp enjoyable in d3. If there is pvp when/if we get D4 I hope it’s much better then what we have now.


They need a brawl and team brawl. No set items allowed

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I agree without a doubt.

I’d like to see anything like this, especially if there is some kind of reward for doing it. It could be mats, or anything.

Same here.
For me PvP was the endgame content of D2.

  • an itemization rework from the ground (those crazy set bonuses and damage numbers simly aren’t working out with a good PvP)
  • skills adjusted for PvP
  • paragon system removed, level system like in D2
  • open world PvP
  • a ranked arena mode
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D2 PvP was my favorite as well. Much more satisfying to me to test myself vs other players head on than via the leaderboard, which at this point in D3 is mostly consumed by who has botted the most. Yes there was cheating in D2 with people duping and botting but because of the lvl cap dueling was much more limited to your build creativity and will to improve it with the best gear possible. For me, that was mostly acquired through face to face trading, which I also miss (don’t get me started). When I heard d3 was going to add brawling I had high hopes which were ultimately disappointed but if Blizzard/devs ever do go that route again with D4 or whatever I think it would have been amazing to see a red vs blue format set up. Imagine teams of players 4v4 using their OWN unique builds to play domination, capture the flag, deathmatch, team deathmatch, last man standing, etc on a variety of maps. New downloadable maps/content every once in awhile. I don’t think I would ever stop playing.