So Sad about patch notes

Well, no changes no the class. I’m one of the players that enjoys a lot to push hardcore seasonal with crusader, but come on, now is totally dead.
Do u think that we can hope for some changes when patch arrives?

PS: Sorry about my english, I’m learning.

You have more chance to acquire perfect Primals in one day than Crusader does at getting a tweak.


Sader didn’t get any love, but it will still be better than ever this season. Groups might pass on you, but that just means SSF will be that much better.

I will def. be playing my FoH build, along with my others in S28, and expect my best season yet.

Enjoy your lightning pony for 2 more days until it disappears and the FoH skill is relegated to T16 farming.

No worries my friend. You are doing great, keep up the good work. As for HOPE, regardless of how this season plays out, if you enjoy the game and class, then I say keep HOPE alive.
Without hope there is only despair!
Keep your head up high and have a wonderful day bud.

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