So is D2R really worthing?

I mean, it’s quite expensive just for a graphics overhaul, without QoL improvments or even gameplay. I know that a lot of purists are aginst QoL improvs but let’s be honests, you can always play the non Remasterd version for it. It’s there, just play it.
Fo me gameplay is a lot more important than graphics, and overall i didn’t find the gamplay too modernized to justify the price tag. What are your opinions?

Honestly i think it is, the added enough QOL improvements not to utterly destroy the game, and tbh most of them were things most of us old players have wanted for years. ESP the increased/shared stashes…:slight_smile:

Aside form Stash, wich QoL they have put? I can only remember rapair all and the gamble refresh

One really cool one, really affects people who gamble with their gold alot… No more opening up the gamble button each time you try to buy a part…:slight_smile: thats my favorite.

Walk over to pick up gold (which was a bit of a polemic one)
Killing cow king no longer blocks you from opening cow portal
Ladder runewords and world events on nonladder and singleplayer
Shared and tabbed stash
60fps (believe me, for someone who is used to higher framerates, having it IS a qol improvement, I feel like everything is more snappy and responsive)
Right click to buy (I don’t remember if it was a thing in the original but for some reason my brain seems to think it wasn’t)

Overall, I have a few issues with the remaster having played the beta, for example I think it needs some optimization and performance tweaks like capping framerate on menus (my GPU fans go wild with this one), but I enjoyed my time a lot even though I’m not in much of a D2 mood at the moment so I didn’t explore it too deeply

Honestly it’s not looking good. Seems like they broke more than they fixed. If they fixed anything.

You could right click to buy on original one.
One thing that i really hope the maintain when retail debut, is the Respec, we have it on Beta, but i’m really not sure if it will still this way.
Ladder items on Non-Ladder i have mixed feelings, because the only reason to play Ladder is to access these items, if you can have it on non-ladder

OMG it is SO worthing

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At its current state? No.
Same stale broken gameplay except this time more bugs and weird design choices (check: trade window scam). Yay shinier graphics though.

Once they reveal future plans, it will be considered.

There’s other reasons to play ladder, like economy resets or to climb it. I for one don’t care about either of those things and online play is laggy to me so that’s an upgrade I appreciate

If you have played the original version in the last 10 years, you would know how absolutely dogturd it is. The experience in the original version is so bad now, in comparison to other games. That a ice addled alcoholic could beat it in style and delivery.

So true.
It has potential, but sadly emotional fanboys just want it to be Diablo II 1.15. A game that sold 4 million copies in 20+ years.

I hope Blizzard listens to logic and reason, presented by the majority.

It would be better if it was 1.09.2 :wink:

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I think D2R is a very good remake of D2. However it needs to be finished by fixing the remaining bugs and more optimizations. Once it is released I will wait for the reviews to see if it is all fixed before I finally decide. I had a great time with the game during the open beta weekend.

To me it’s quite worth it… I switched everything to Apple a few years ago, made everything easier for work, unfortunately D2 is no longer compatible on Apple… So for me it’s worth the price tag to play on console, I don’t have to go out and buy a $500-$1,000 computer just to play.

Nope. This is going to be d2reforged fiasco all over. I’m calling it now. This game is going to have a disastrous launch.

After playing QoL mods like Path of Diablo or Project Diablo 2 I can’t come back to vanilla D2 anymore to be honest.

They could win me over with personal loot, because it would promote group play, but as it stands right now I grew out of vanilla D2 unfortunately.

I also think that 1.10+ D2 was greatly geared towards bnet play where good items are more available due to trading, and it really hampered SSF play, especially melee specs due to overpowered hell difficulty.

Tbh for d2 2000 a $50 old pc would do the trick lol. But I too prefer playing on console