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small pistol hand bows like Diablo III’sOkay I’d seen a video on the subject previously that was more than a trifle dismissive on the use of a small handheld pistol Crossbow Ah LA Diablo III saying it was too light/weak to use, No penetration,Impact or range and that got me wondering. Because that’s not what google had to say or QUORA Here’s QUORA Input “Pistol crossbows, also known as hand-held crossbows, were indeed used in both Europe and Asia during the Middle Ages. In Europe, they were commonly used for hunting and as a sidearm for personal protection. In Asia, particularly in China, hand-held crossbows were also used for military purposes. They were smaller and more portable than traditional longbows, making them convenient for close combat. However, their historical use was not as widespread as that of traditional longbows or other projectile weapons.” And google "Were pistol crossbows real?
: 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow with 27 …

It is NOT a Toy!

They are powerful and can release a crossbow bolt at high speeds over a good distance. Unlike full size crossbows pistol crossbows do not require a lot of energy to pull the string, so many crossbow bolts can be fired in a very short period of time." And finally So after looking at all three sources input what do you think? Small Pistol Handbows Like the Demon Hunters in Real Life


Interesting. Thank you for the background. :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy hunting, Nephalem.


That’s what she said.

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Not to me she didn’t. :laughing:


this was written by AI