So how exactly dose damage reduction work

so i have gears of dread set as demon hunter, 60% damage reduction while using strafe+ bracers that give 42% damage reduction for 5 seconds after using a primary skill( pairs with the set) then i also have 70-85% damage reduction on the base physical and non physical defenses… so ant minimum i should have 172% dmage reduction, yet still get one shot even been getting one shot from literally nothing…make it make sense.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page. There are also suggestions on how to set up the build for different activities. Yang’s bow is fine for some activities but you need another quiver.


thanks, but it does not e3xplain how im gettong one shot from nothing when i shouldnt even be getting hit from anything via the 100+% damage reduction

You don’t get 100% reduction. It’s calculated multiplicatively, in several decreasing steps.
Like first you get maybe 40% of the damage reduced, then maybe 20% of the remaining damage after that and so on and so on depending on the numbers.
It is also important to play the build right to keep up the reductions.

Even with Boon of the hoarder and Goldwrap you never get to 100. But to maybe 99.9 which is enough to make you immune to any damage.


Also if you open you character sheet/inventory and click on Details you can see a lot of info about you character.
My new and weak Rathma necromancer has for example damage reduction from Armor at 74%, damage reduction on all the different elemental damages around 82%+25% (the 25% from Capt. Crimson) and damage reduction from minion attacks (from set bonus not shown in the details) at 75% but I still die very easy even around T16 and lower because my build isn’t finished.

A better way to explain damage reduction is if you have two reductions at 50% each. The reduction will then be 75%. First you remove half of the incoming damage, then you remove half of the remainig damage, which means 25% damage is still left to hurt you.

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Damage reduction doesn’t stack additively, it has diminishing returns. Thus any additional layer of damage mitigation calculates the bonus it grants from the remainder of the uncovered damage percentage you may incur.

If you have two sources of 50% damage taken reduced, first one you apply grants you 50% mitigation from attacks but you still can incur the half of the inbound damage. That second 50% reduction, cuts the remainder half of this in half again, for an additional 25% bonus. With 50% from first and 25% from the second, this results with 75% damage mitigation in total.

So simply put you don’t have 172% damage reduction, as no one will have over 100% damage reduction unless they’re under the effects of special skills. Damage reduction in Diablo 3 is an inverse or logarithmic function just like resistance or armor ratings.
To calculate the damage mitigation you have, here’s the formula and the variables you provide; 0.6+ [(1-0.6) *0.42] = 0.6 + 0.168 = 0.768 you have around 76.8% damage mitigation which is below average for endgame. If we were to add your minimum non-physical and physical, which I assume your resistances, to all that pile; additional 70% over this, grant 16% damage mitigation compiling it to 93% reduction at minimum.

That alone means nothing; as long as you don’t have the health pool to endure the monster attacks after mitigations apply, combat will result in you getting knocked down. Monsters’ raw damage output can easily climb to a few millions in a single attack at high Torments so even if you have high damage mitigation, lacking health pool and life regeneration may not help you endure multiple hits and stay alive.

To say the least, you stated 70-85% damage mitigation from physical and non-physical damage sources; this is an uncanny gap. If you have 85% mitigation to a certain attack and 70% mitigation against the other, then you incur double damage from the lowest reduced attack type compared to your highest.
The toughness value you see on your sheet is just an average value of estimations between your minimum and maximum toughness against specific attacks, it’s not a certain value against all. Your lowest damage mitigation can still be your so-called kriptonite when you are being pushed to your limits.

If you want your sheet toughness value to stand true and stable, then you need to bring your resistance mitigations closer to each other or at least seek to have higher toughness through health, resistance ratings, or layer of another mitigation whenever available. To add, you still need a good amount of life recovery between all this to ensure you shrug off small amount of damage stacking onto you while you are at your peak.

You may have something on your action bar, but as long as it is stood there unused or at cooldown where it can not be activated, it has no benefit for you. Sustainability is important when wading into combat and since everything happening too fast you may have lose track.
I see your Demon Hunter from your profile, you have Vengeance- Dark Heart skillrune for 50% damage mitigation without Dawn in Cube, yet I don’t see Elusive Ring to grant 60% like you have said. That means you only have 71% damage reduction and that is as long as you have Vengeance buff is activated and you performed a primary attack in the last few seconds.

Since you are playing Seasonal with your Demon Hunter; I think your third Cube slot is RoRG, as it never shown in the user interface. Going with this Season theme, I suggest you to wear a Depth Digger, and replace your middle slot with Dawn for sustainability on your Vengeance. Get rid of Wailing Host and get Elusive Ring there as well. I won’t mention other optimization steps as it’ll get long.

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Math Formulas - Damage Reduction

    100 x [(1 - DR1) x (1 - DR2) x (1 - DR3) x (1 - DR4)]


You have 4 sources of Damage Reduction

    DR1 = 25%
    DR2 = 25%
    DR3 = 50%
    DR4 = 40%

First, convert percentages to decimal numbers. The formula will look like this:

    100 x [(1 - 0.25) x (1 - 0.25) x (1 - 0.50) x (1 - 0.40)]

Which becomes:

    100 x 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.50 x 0.60 = 16.88

And finally:

    100 - 16.88 = 83.13% Damage Reduction
    (100% of Damage you would receive is mitigated by 16.88% = 83.13%)