Smite needs fixing

I’ve played the Paladin through both acts now, most everything feels
great. Maybe a few of the auras look a bit off, but everything over all
feels decent. However, one skill I have major issue with is SMITE. I
loved playing a smiter especially to farm ubers, while the new smite
looks decent I don’t get the old feeling of the original smite. With the
new iteration I feel as if I am B***-slapping someone with my shield.
With the original you see the Paladin in a DEEP front stance whacking the
crap out of the enemy with a Shield Bashing forward motion, not a
backhand. It would be nice to see the smite we know and love. - Thanks Blizz


i was actually very surprised how good the new animation from smike look, t think much better than the old one <3
but ok. its …subjectiv