Sliver of Terror- ring of fire effect

Whether a 50-kill Massacre bonus or a 50 non-massacre bonus. Effect do not proc at all.

It would be beneficial if there is a kill count counter showing in the icon area so that there’s a reference.

Odd, worked fine for my char and I did have a counter on the buff bar. Did you by any chance equip a different Terror shard? The armory apparently cannot tell different shards of the same type apart and seems to randomly insert them…

Ring of Fire works…sort of.

The kill count doesn’t start with the first pack you kill upon entering a Grift. It usually doesn’t start counting until you’ve started to kill a second pack.

Also, if you switch floors, it will reset the counter and again you’ll have to kill one pack in order to move on to another where the kill count will finally start again.

Don’t know if this intended but it’s frustrating as all get out.


that’s the problem when someone is lazy to put patch notes properly.
How can we even test something we don’t know how it is intended to be used.

stating “we want you to be surprised” is a lame way of saying we’re lazy to give you details and go figure it out on your own. :man_facepalming:

Came here to report this.

Stacks disappear when switching floors. And it’s unclear what gets them to start up again. For me it appeared to be when I hit my next paragon level, though sometimes if I had a pylon effect active, they wouldn’t start up until that wore off.

I can’t imagine this is intended. It’s also really stupid. I get why they would reset the stacks if you leave the GR but resetting on a floor change within the GR makes no sense.

It’s bugged. If you’re not in a greater rift you can just take your helm off and put it back on and if you’re in GR then you can drink a potion to fix it instantly.

That is so funny. In repeated testing, the only thing I could get to consistently fix it was reaching a new paragon level. I never thought to test using a potion.

This is probably related to the follower. I removed all items from the follower and stacks would start as soon as I start killing. Also starting the rift without the follower allows you to stack on first kill and go thru doors with your stacks. The thing is that this is working for some people with no issues with the follower fully equipped.

Things I tried:
Remaking the character and selecting only 1 skill at a time on the follower to see if it was one of the skills.
Changed legendaries to see if it was one of the equipped legendaries but it didn’t matter if the follower was fully equipped or it had just one item.
Uninstalled and reinstalled the PTR.

The only thing that seems to work is not equipping anything on the follower or not using it at all. The potion trick only works to start stacking within the same map, as soon as you go thru the portal it removes your stacks.


Good catch NCreature. After reading your post I messed around a bit and put a sliver of terror in my follower’s helm with the same affix and it worked. It no longer drops stacks when you change locations/floors.

Can confirm this. Putting a Sliver of Terror with the “You cast a devastating ring of fire after killing 50 enemies” affix on your follower allows you to stack and keep stacks while going thru doors.

Thank you StOwner

That needs to be fix. We will need to find and level up two of these to play solo if it doesn’t get nerf to the ground.