Skills suddenly "turning/cutting off"

I’m hoping I can get some help with this as it’s causing a lot of issues for me and worrying me for when d2:r comes out. I play singleplayer and I’ve noticed that my skills on RMB will “cut out” periodically. It started with teleport, where suddenly my sorc would stop teleporting when holding down the button, but only sometimes and randomly. But now it is happening with Ice Blast too. I will be holding it down and suddenly she will stop casting. Full mana, targeting something that can be targeted, and she just cuts it off and I have to re click. It sounds minor but it never happened before. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

Online or offline? Could also be a problem with your mouse, sometimes the switches stop being reliable after a lot of use, especially for things like hold click.

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It’s offline. Hmmm I hope it’s not the mouse, it is older, but I don’t experience any issues with other games.

edit: I rebound RMB to another button and the issue persisted.

edit2: So what is happening is ice blast will suddenly stop casting once an enemy is dead even if I’m still holding the button. I do not remember it doing this before. It seems like the game just suddenly started doing this and I used to be able to continually cast a skill. Now if a target dies, the skill stops and it’s very jarring. Am I wrong though? Has it just always been this way?

Unless you’re holding shift, yes. By holding shift you will cast without having to click a monster. It also works with melee attacks, arrows and throwables (for example, if you wanna stop moving and shoot arrows or javelins in a direction, you hold shift)

As for the sorc stopping TPing, what happened is probably that you simply got stuck in some place where you couldn’t keep teleporting in that direction. Being able to TP fast, continuously and precisely is one of the hardest mechanical skills to get in this game in my opinion.

I wish I could clip this. it’s doing it with shift too, LMB, RMB, MB4, 5, I don’t get what changed.

edit: the cast always stops when the enemy dies, regardless of shift being held or not.

i think this has always been part of the game. when i use shift, i make sure not to target any monsters or it will stop when they die, but more importantly, not targeting a monster also lets you move where you aim while holding. but holding shift isnt necessary on m2 for that, there you just have to click and hold in front of you, and then move the mouse around to where you want to target. i also convinced myself at some point that holding shift should unlock your aim from any target regardless where you pointed, but that was not the case after all. its only purpose is to let you shoot or cast freely with skills on m1 so you dont have to get in range to see what you hit, or you want to hit several targets one by one (but avoid locking the aim on something), or while you try to hit something that is walking sideways. only other use i can think of is activating charge without a target for paladin as a travel skill

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