Skeletons / Revives IAS requirements? (Rathma AOTD)

Doing an AOTD Rathma build variant. How much IAS on gear do I need for the skeletons active / passive breakpoints to help them stack the armor buff and to reduce the AOTD CD (if any?).

Currently have
25% skeleton rune
10% Paragon
21% combined on weapon, ring, belt (which I’d rather remove at mystic)
Planning to level Gogok maybe

I read several guides and they suggest aiming for a speed breakpoint without specificity how much IAS I actually need for that other than “1-2 gear rolls is enough” which tells me absolutely nothing lol. Are the gear rolls in addition to all the other mentioned sources or instead of them?

I have no idea what to do. Thanks lol.

With Frenzy rune:
at least 1.61 Attacks per Second (1.6001 AS)
An AS roll on Jessith’s and one Ring will cover this.

next breakpoint is 2.11 Attacks per Second which is too much investment for the benefit.

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Thank you, perfect.

I went for a double ring roll… I feel like taking it on the weaponis innefficient since you can get much bigger stats on it compared to rings.

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good catch, turns out perfect 1.61 and like you said, better damage.

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Hey, just revising the topic with a couple follow-up questions if you know.

  1. How/where from do people know about these breakpoints? 1.61 & 2.11. I’ve tried finding tables or something to see my options but couldn’t. Guides just say 1.6 so I trust them and you lol.

  2. Most internet sources say that IAS actually doesn’t affect pet/summon speed at all and instead directly scales their damage based on same %. Supposedly only the item Tusker and Theo directly affects pet attack speed. Not sure if this is false information, or a contradiction, or skeletons are an exception.

  3. And finally, regardless of the above, if I was to start using Gogok of Swiftness which gives 15ias when stacked does that mean I can drop the 13ias I currently have on rings (because the extra IAS doesn’t reach the next breakpoint and is thus being totally wasted)

The easiet tool to use atm is

just import your profile character and have fun. The Skills panel will have DPS, Breakpoints, ect that you can mouseover and see details.

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