Sir William S27

Does Sir William still spawn in Act 1 whimsyshire (S27)?
I am over 500 attempts in of trying to find him, one run taking around 1 - 1:30 minutes so thats around 8-12 hours wasted on trying to get the rainbow portrait frame.
Most sightings I got online point him around 300 attempts.
Yes I know its RNG, yes I know that each attempt is an individual RNG roll, I just wanna know that am I wasting my time for a reason, or William removed accidentally or on purpose?

Also I would really love to see the spawn table for whimsyshire, I know that Super Awesome or Evil Oliver always spawns, and William can spawn alongside with 6+ other named enemies. So only in a case of a “duble spawn” you get a chance at finding him. But I literally found all other guys 5+ times, no william. I probably killed the tiny horse gang 4-5 times, cremebuff 5+ times, tubbers 5+ times ect ect…

Update : 700 attempts…


Super, extraspecial, doubly unique… so, RNG is RNG. It may well take 10,000 attempts. Or one.

While there are exceptions to every rule, I have been playing this almost since vanilla. I play all three regions.
I have the Cosmetic wings from Lillian in Europe and nowhere else.
I have zero rainbow portraits in any region. So that is more than eight years of no portrait. Admittedly, I tried the perpetual attempts and nowadays it is a random off-season break I might try 1-3 times so my odds are ven worse.

As stated above me - RNG is RNG is RNG and for the portrait, the RNG odds are extremely bad dictating pure luck or none at all.

I admire your persistence. I was the same… hundreds and hundreds of clears over multiple seasons then on Monday night magic happened and I got Sir William and the portrait frame. So, yes, I can confirm he’s still in game in S27.


I was starting to wonder the same thing. :slight_smile:

Good to know!

Finally, find him minutes ago. This grind took me more the one week.

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