Side quest removed in Act V?

I remember that there was a side quest in Westmarch in which our character talked to a women who was afraid to let people know what she was in reality. It would seems that the reapers couldn’t detect her.
She talk a bit and it become obvious that she truly hide something, while not “evil” she turned into a succubus and we had to kill her.

Anyone remember this side quest?
Does it still in game?

I’m asking because I went to Westmarch several times, cleared everything and never found this side quest. No big deal I was just looking for her name and in-game clues about it.

According to the WIki there is something like this. Talking with the Enchantress follower can trigger a quest in Pandemonium that involves the Lair of the Prophet where you can meet the “sister” of the Enchantress who turns out to be a unique succubus called Lysa.

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Not removed, it is a quest option even. You walk in and she is surrounded by reapers and warns you to get away. I had it last week.

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Lady Victoria in the House of Deep Sorrow

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Ho! I like that kind of precision :+1: tyvm