Should I have made a seasonal hero?

Hi guys. I’m pretty new to D3.


I played D3 once a couple years back and cleared the story mode once. Shortly after, my bnet account was hacked. Luckily, by working with support, I got it back! I’ve been using it to play OW for a while now and never checked D3. Well, I logged in, and turns out whoever had the account got a little more work than me done. I came back to a couple other level 60 characters, besides my initial wizard, 9 mil, and paragon 53. So, happily I figured I’d start a brand new character (barb) and here I am! Just cleared the story for the first time on him on expert and now I’m going on to Mastr/Torm.

With that being said, I’m not sure what the benefit is to a seasonal hero, although I understand the basic idea of how it works. Should I have made one of those instead? Do the benefits highly outweigh going through the story again?

Likewise, what is adventure mode?

I have so much to learn and I’m pretty excited to.

Start with…

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Thanks a ton, I intended to take a closer look when I was out of the office

If you don’t have RoS, don’t even bother. In fact, playing base D3 isn’t that much fun.

In case a new player reads the thread:

Seasonal Hero is always worth it, if you are new, because you get a full set as present during season journey and you get up to 5 additional inventory pages (1 per season)

Yep but you can buy these invotory pages and there’s a max anyway (major cons of the game IMO).