Should have been pass/fail instead of live/die

Hardcore Wizard.

You risk losing everything for no reward. You can already use legendary gems and the cube to augment ancient items.

So it takes 18 empowered greater rifts to get a 90 augmentation on an ancient, but only 1 echoing rift to get a 90 (and most likely more).

That is not a great enough reward to risk dying in such a dangerous event. I have no problem getting rift keys and doing empowered greater rifts.

Pass/Fail would have been better. You die, you re-spawn in town and the portal has closed. You get nothing and have to spend a couple of days getting another Petrified Scream to try again.

It would suck, but I could handle that.

It seems incredibly unlikely that a dev would read this and think it was a good idea. But it makes me feel just a tiny bit better to know I threw it out there anyway :slight_smile:

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Treating EN like set dungeons has been proposed several times on the forums. At first I was in favor of it but now that I’ve run dozens and dozens of them I no longer see the need. It really isn’t that hard to survive once you learn how to use the Overwhelm mechanics to end the Nightmare.

But that can be hard to learn without running them yourself. What I did was create a normal mode toon of my favorite class/build and leveled them up to around P600. Then ran a few EN just to get the feel for them. Once I got used to them I switched over to my HC toons and had a blast.

You will likely need to modify your build to successfully run EN. One thing they demand is extreme mobility. Some of the maps have insane choke points and the swarms of monsters, elite wallers, etc. can trap you. If you don’t have something like endless teleports from Firebirds you’ll want something like Illusory Boots cubed to let you walk thru walls and mobs to get away from explosions.

Yes, I’ve lost an HC toon in a nightmare early on but only one. The rewards of the rank 125 whispers was well worth it. I usually don’t push past GR110 in a season, so getting 125’s to augment my gear is amazing. In fact I was getting so many of those rank 125 whispers that farming gems (rubies, emeralds, etc.) became a chore to get the 3 Flawless Royals for each augment.

Ultimately EN is just another thing to farm in a game loaded with things to farm. Farm rifts to get GR keys, farm GRs to get Primal Screams, farm ENs to get XP and Whispers, then farm some more to get the gems to augment your gear…

Welcome to Diablo: Farming Simulator.


You can get a gem to 125 in EN relatively easy if you are strategic with the pylons. It’s the best, easiest way to get 125 Augments in HC. If it wasn’t for EN most people (me included) wouldn’t have augments exceeding much pass 100.

My advice: get as close to 100 you can and start popping the pylons and run like h3ll. Always have you follower death cheat and one of your own. When you proc the followers cheat death, pop the pylons and start teleporting, running and killing, trying to avoid direct hits. When you proc the second cheat death, stay on the very outside and run, trying to avoid everything until the EN gets overwhelmed and finishes. Good luck

I wanted to post this as a new topic, but it seems we can’t make new topics for a few weeks.

My idea about Hardcore Echoing Nightmare…nothing changes for Hardcore anywhere else, EXCEPT for this Echoing Nightmare “Event”. MAKE IT HURT, but you’re still alive and have everything you were wearing and what’s extracted in the cube.

But make it hurt…ALL mats are gone, normal and bounty mats goes to 0, and ALL gold you’ve acquired goes to 0 and you have a gold debt. Any gold that drops automatically goes to pay this debt until it’s all repaid.

But worse than that, you’ve lost ALL mats. Normal and bounty mats go to 0. Everything is 0 and you have to get more to do any crafting. And all Rift keys go to 0. Have to start going Neph rifts again.

Make “Petrified Screams” just a number below your other mats… NOT an item kept in stash. But something like “veiled crystals” and other things. And Petrified Screams go to 0 and you have to get more of them to do EN.

Can’t empower any rifts until debt is repaid.

You get NO reward and you lose everything not in your stash or cube. Maybe all neph gems go to 0 and maybe you need special legendary gem level 25 in something too.

MAKE IT HURT! But you’re still alive, Paragon unchanged and you still have what was equipped and everything extracted to the cube.

Because EN event is just too harsh. Way too harsh.

Yeah, there’s going to be really good players saying it’s not that bad, as they’re they’re stalking up the ladder in the leaderboard beauty pageant.

But I’m not trying to be a “good player”, don’t care about the leaderboard, I’m trying to HAVE FUN! Maybe give those really good players that never die in EN a title that appears in chat so everyone can see they’ve done it.

I love hardcore, and only play hardcore and want noting else to change about it…EXCEPT this ONE EVENT. It’s just too harsh.

Echoing Nightmares are not so dangerous and I love them especially in HC.

They are just scary enough to make you feel scared but once you get the hang of them you’ll find them not too scary. Which is perfect IMO.

It should kill you. It’s already properly made and I’m sorry to disagree with you guys but death is the proper penalty for failing the Echoing Nightmare.

If you find the EN too hard then you’re simply going too deep into it and should “leave” sooner. I’ve never lost a character in the echoing nightmares.

I have reached level 153 in the nightmares and always go past 125. You should have your build fully geared at least with non-ancients and also around 800 paragon or more for a good run of the EN. Plus you should have strong legendary gems (at least level 80-100)

If you start feeling scared then grab the conduit and cooldown pylon and then just hide in the corners until it ends.

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