Should Diablo 4 have trading?

In an ideal world we would be able to trade everything without any negative affects to the game.

Unfortunately, if you allow things like legendaries to be traded between players, it creates black markets for the game through 3rd party websites like d2jsp and essentially makes it P2W.

This also creates bots that then sell gold or items etc.

Personally, after experiencing online auction houses and botting a lot over the years, I have realised the importance of soulbound, account bound items etc. I think there should be as little trading as possible. Certainly no big items like legendries or unique’s.

I would make it so players have a few seconds to pick up their gear off the boss after it’s downed, if not picked up other players can then pick it up. Legendaries can be traded to players that were present during the entire dungeon run for a short limited time. Not just turning up for the boss kill (this would also create people buying and selling runs which is also not playing the game, and if they have a way of buying gold could also become p2w).

So my question is, can Diablo 4 have any trading in it? If so, what trading could or should be allowed?

This has been discussed in many threads alrdy.


Imo, no, an A-RPG shouldn’t have any trading in it. It can of course, but it should not. Just cheapens the experience for everyone.

Have 3 item looting rules people in a group can switch between.

  1. FFA - everyone can loot everything
  2. Timed Allocation - Each player got X seconds to pick the items allocated to them before it turns FFA
  3. Permanent allocation - items assigned to you stay that way.

All items found within a group of players should then be shareable for 2 hours or so.

Requiring the group to have existed for the full run is a good idea. Even without the sharing aspect, it might be reasonable not to allow people to jump into dungeons that are already in progress.


yes. as in D2.

or should we continue waving the white flag at the bad guys?

because of that fraction of weirdos that want to pay to “win”…

That’s how the world works. Rules are put in place because of the minority that can’t figure out themselves that they are acting as asshats.

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Yes because that “fraction” as you claim can still p2w. Diablo Immoral clearly shows nobody wants ANY way to p2w in a Diablo game.

And even here you admit that trading allows p2w. So the only way to get rid of it entirely is to remove the ability to trade anything at all.

I’m posing the question: what, if anything, should be able to be traded?

I actually would prefer if you could only trade things between your own accounts. So if I find something for a Rogue and I’m playing a Barb, I can still keep it for myself to use on an alt when I do make one.

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Grey/white items could be tradeable, everything else no… if you seek something, play the game and find it.

If they add open trading I really hope the traded item(s) become bound upon 1st trade.



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in my opinion, games should be designed with gameplay first. If trading would create the best possible experience, then it should be implemented. Then, preventing the black markets outside the game should be the priority instead of making a worse game to discourage the black markets.

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No trading.


Agreed. Always gameplay first, except for very story-focused games. Which Diablo is not.

It has trading we know this!

Over years it’s been proven it’s impossible to stop this type of activity. The revenue is too high, if you ban one, another will pop up in its place.

If trading is allowed in anyway it will be abused by p2w black markets. The gameplay will be ruined because of this. Trading not being allowed IS putting gameplay first.

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Yeah, that is my point too.

Even if third party sellers were completely taken out of the picture, not allowing trading is still putting gameplay first. Trading circumvents the most fundamental loot hunting gameplay of A-RPGs imo.


No trading. If you need something for your build you should go find it.


D4’s trading system as we know it, unless they changed it is as follows. Some items will be able to be traded without limit. Think about things that are common as dirt like common crafting mats, white items, things that drop like rain out of the sky. Then there are some items that are what I call BoT (bind on trade) meaning that they can only be traded once then they are bound to the account they are traded to. These items are not as common as the other type, while still not as common as dirt they are not the rarest items in the game. Then the best items in the game are BoA (bind on account) items that you cannot trade. Think about crafted items, rares you put a legendary affix on, uniques and legendaries would probably fit that bill as well.

Im all for trade. If they nail this aspect and add just a bit more depth you win vs POE.

Screw them weirdos. They can still play D2.

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i’d like if they removed trading completely and added an Auction house UI you could put items up for gold or a specific item request (e.g soj for X item)

Would it be possible to do this without some kind of black market p2w exploitation?

If it were impossible to trade but I could AH it, and gold was impossible to trade, would the only way to get this item off the auction house be playing the game and earning gold?

If so then I’d be ok with items only being able to be put on an Auction House but not tradeable in any way.

Only issue I see with this so far is Blizzard will likely put in a way to buy gold… making the entire game and anything tradeable on the auction house p2w… Damnit Blizz why you have to go and make Immoral and sell wow gold… Diablo is ruined forever.