Short turn-arounds not good for the casual player either

In Nev’s post on the gigantic Barb thread on the Lamentation nerf, she advised that the devs opt to keep to 1 week PTRs so that patch deployment can be timely and seasons can keep to the ~3month mark… which is better for the whole community.

In Free’s thread below, a point is made that this isn’t good for the whole community from a more ‘professional’ player point of view…

I’m going to give one from a casual.

Simply put, I don’t have time to keep refarming items because the numbers change. I want the devs to get their balancing right the first time so that when a change goes live, I can go about getting an ancient version with good rolls with some assurance that I’m not going to have to find a replacement for that item again in 3-9 months time. There are so many items I’ve experienced this with over the years… Blade of Prophecy, Fist of Az, etc, etc… I get a build play worthy and then have to do it all over again.

It’s great that we’re seeing this game worked on still and I get that power creep is inevitable to balance this game but the 1 week PTR is really not doing what it’s meant to… as it stands, I don’t know if I should bother putting together a new WW barb?