Shards and Stone of Jordan interaction

As WD, I socketed an Essence of Anguish with +63% Holy damage. Of course, I have no Holy damage skills as a WD, but I thought I could use it with a Stone of Jordan till something better dropped. Stone of Jordan ignored this bonus, however, whether worn or cubed. Sheet details show +63% Holy, +19% (from bracers) for everything else. It appears that SoJ is only checking for the max bonus to elements the WD uses. There are two problems to this:

  1. SoJ states, “Each of your elemental’s damage bonus is equal to your highest static elemental bonus to skill.” Sheet shows I have +63% Holy, so all should be at +63%.
  2. Shards do not seem to take your class into account when selecting the element for +% damage, and you have to upgrade a shard to rank 2 to find out what element you get. That’s an expensive fail when you get the wrong element. Working correctly with SoJ would mitigate that somewaht.