Shard farming methods

Since we can’t do the nifty Darkening of Tristram method of farming shards anymore, what is the best way to farm shards?

I had enough of them after January to last until recently, but since starting two new builds I ran out of the ones I need without getting the right rolls so I need to do something to get that fixed.

My idea is that the most efficient way to farm them would be to go to those few bosses that are close to waypoints, like Khule, Magda and Skeleton King. Or is it not going to be more efficient than what you would get through for example Visions, especially seeing as those also give you other things and not just shards?

Imho fissures are best

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Some Shards drop from certain acts, so if you are missing 1 or 2 farm those acts.
A1 -->Essense of Anguish
A2 -->Dregs of Lies
A3 -->Stain of Sin or Fragment of Destruction
A4 -->Remnant of Pain or Sliver of Terror
A5 -->Shard of Hatred

Pick the one you need and kill the bosses in that act. A good speed build and a little game knowledge and you can clear all 3 bosses in 2-5 min depending on act. Visions will drop them, but you need to find the Vision and get the ones you want.

If it is Embers you need, Visions seem to drop a ton for me.


I like how they are an activity that also fulfills other needs and not just for the odd shard. They were nice when I didn’t have a specific need for any of them, I have a whole stash tab full at the moment. But after upgrading something like 13 Sliver of Terrors without getting any of them to be the exact one I need to make sure I farm the best way.

O dang, I totally forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. So act 4 it is.

I have something like 50 Embers, after doing the 13 upgrades I mentioned above (although I played a few hours since then). Visions gave me more than I need for now.

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