Shadow Clones Not Spawning

Wizard and Monk clones not spawning. Barbarian spawned once. Monk Torment 10. Wizard Torment 7.

Yeah I noticed this too since yesterday, there’s a chance that the Shadow Clones dont spawn. It happens but it rarely happens. That “hotfix patch” fixed issues but caused new issues lol…

Did you happen to proc your characters cheat death just before hitting the pylon? This has affected Nemesis Bracers for a while now but is now affecting the seasonal theme. Depending on class, you will have to wait X seconds after procing the cheat death for the clones to work and/or Elites to spawn from Nemesis Bracers.

Barbarian - Nerves of Steel: X = 3 Seconds
Crusader - Indestructible: X = 5 Seconds
Demon Hunter - Awareness: X = 2 Seconds
Monk - Near Death Experience: X = 2 Seconds
Necromancer - Final Service: X = 4 Seconds
Witch Doctor - Spirit Vessel: X = 2 Seconds
Wizard - Unstable Anomaly: X = 5 Seconds

No. They just don’t spawn.

Just ran into the same problem during my last rift at gr118 as Necro…i thought they turned off the seasonal theme…i did 3 pylons and not a single shadow clone appeared…

in fact, I rejoined another game, nothing happened…still no shadows ~

Very likely: PTR 2.6.10 Testing Extended

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thank you ~ didn’t find that in any recent post…


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Hi all -

We wanted to provide a quick update regarding PTR for 2.6.10.

As some have experienced, we are seeing reports of some latency and login issues with the current update with PTR. Due to these items, we are planning on extending PTR for an unspecificed amount of time while we continue to troubleshoot the issues behind the scenes.

During this time, we are asking for help! We would love for people to jump in and play the game as you would on PTR.

As you are doing this, we will be doing some things that will be changing up the game as we troubleshoot some items on the backend.

  • Starting later today, we will be turning off the Shadow Clones seasonal theme. This feature will be turned back on sometime tomorrow.
  • Starting tomorrow (and after we turn back on Shadow Clones), we will be turning off the fourth slot in Kanai’s Cube. This feature will be turned back after a short period of testing with this disabled.

There may be some additional testing that will occur after these two phases, but we will update the thread regarding any additional items or adjustments to these testing periods. Please continue to provide feedback or report any issues you encounter through the PTR as we will be paying close attention to these on our end.

Thanks again for all the help during this PTR testing phase!