Seeker not playing nice for me

For the life of me, blessed hammer is barely leaving a scratch on trash mobs at T16. Im currently P834 and with my current set up with 1.4M in damage. While my AoV can stroll through GR80 just fine, seeker/blessed hammer at T16 isn’t doing anything? And I have no idea why.

I’m using a sanctified Johanna’s and it’s caused some, what i think, are unusual bugs. For one, it’s not syncing with the <belt - don’t remember the name, that leaves a hammer while using Justice> Just doesn’t work. Don’t know if its the sanctified or just the flail itself. There’s another issue but can’t remember cause Im a bit miffed over this as it doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand how this is so horrible at T16.

Are you benefiting from the 6-piece set bonus? I am unable to comment better without seeing your actual character profile. It would help, if you provided us with a link to your build.

This bit tells me that you are doing something entirely wrong. It makes virtually no sense in context of the set…

Here is a url to my non-seasonal Seeker of Light build. Perhaps this will help:

thanks for the reply, i play D3 for a short time about once or twice every couple of years. the maxroll thing is new to me. This build does next to nothing just roaming around T16, takes forever just to kill a single trash enemy. So i don’t know what’s going on.

so here it is:

The belt i was trying to refer to is Blessed of Haull, Justice spawns a blessed hammer when it hits an enemy. Now this effect works for any other weapon, though it does NOT work with my sanctified Johannas. I do not have a NON-sactified johannas to test this further, until i find one, to determine whether it’s an issue with the flail or the sactification. However, I’m not using that belt at the moment since it doesn’t work.

I recommend trying other builds for T16. The SoL plays fun but is not very good for speeds and, frankly, not powerful enough for GR pushing either.

If you are truly looking for T16 speed running, I recommend:

  1. AoV: Fist of the Heavens build (url here):
    or, my favorite for non-seasonal T16:
  2. LoD Blessed Shield/Bombardment (see url at):
    Note: since you are lower paragon, you may choose here, a) to drop the Avarice Band ring in favor of a Unity ring (make sure your Hireling is also wearing a Unity ring), and/or, b) to remove the Boon of the Hoarder gem in favor of a gem of choice to increase your damage.

Additional note: Do not mix builds! Your profile is an attempt to mix Phalanx and SoL builds. If you want to try Phalanx play, you need to have the Akkhan set’s 6-piece bonus active. Otherwise, Phalanx does no damage worth mentioning. I recommend here that you check the current leader boards for Akkhan-Phalanx build details.


the belt you should be using is Sacred Harness, in order to trigger a immobilize on the mobs to enable hammer jammers 400% ed

You don’t need Sacred Harness’s Judgment proc to trigger Hammer Jammers.

The Falling Sword skill does it for you with its built-in stun.

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Doesn’t stun with rapid descent rune only part the clouds rune.

All runes should trigger Hammer Jammers. I used the flurry of swords rune at one point. But IMO the one that reduces falling sword cooldown for quicker recast is the best.

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dmkt is is correct. The “stun” may be unnoticable to the player eye, but Rapid Descent always procs Hammer Jammers on the affected mobs. Because Hammer Jammmers drop a debuff on the mobs rather than giving a damage bonus to the crusader, there is no icon indicating when they proc, but they do.

I hope to remake Roland set instead of the Holy Seeker set, because the Holy Seeker set depends on the falling sword to move, and is clunky, while the Roland set depends on steel charge, which is great.

I noticed that Blessed of Haull procs the skill runes of Blessed Hammer. But does it proc dmg multipliers too? Because if it does, Brute Force rune should proc Hammer Jammers for itself. I’m wondering about this because it procs big hammers from Jace’s.

That can be an easy fix by shortening the fall animation, and adding a lego power that greatly reduces FS CD.

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