Seeing if any wants to play the game with me

Just looking for some people to play the game with i play on laptop and ps4 i dont always get on to much because of my job and living on a farm but when i do qould like to make new friends to play with


Hello I would love to play a game I have Diablo immortal
diablo two prime evil collections and
Diablo three the battle chest
Unfortunately i’ve just learned how to play i’m still very new at this so please bare with me

Ill gladly play with you. I play on a laptop aswell. So thats pretty awesome

I can help you understand the gameplay and what items and setups work best for your character

Hi! I’ve been playing D3 mostly since the new season. Played this for awhile but I feel like only at the surface level since I still don’t know a lot of things other players talk about. Just recently thought it’d be fun to try and get into the social aspect of the game and being an adult female player also thought it’d be nice to find similar players so I’m Firefly #1851 if you want to add!

hello love to play d3 have a pc willing to help others and to have fun


Did you play Joint Operations with the RAW unit? Either way if you want to play Diablo 3 I started a clan recently. It is Lostin