Secret Cube Recipes

I think it’s about time we get some new Cube recipes. The ones that are listed with the cube are cool, and using puzzle rings and Bardiches are neat for opening secret levels, but where is one for the pony level?

One of the biggest issues with D3 is the lack of endgame content. Bounties and Grifts are cool, but we need more. The Infernal machines are sick. We get to take on multiple bosses at once, but it’s split in four, so we only fight two at a time. Let’s kick it up a notch.

Can a cube recipe be created so we can fight ALL of them at once? Like, put all four machines in the cube to open a portal that lets us fight all 8 bosses at the same time. I like that challenge, and it would let me use all those keys a little faster.

Maybe, if we put one of each flawless royal gem and a Horadric Hamburger in the cube, we can open a pony level.

I’m super impressed with how far D3 has come since its beginnings when I last played it, but I feel like the end game is lacking. Grinding is great, but the rotation of dungeons for grifts isn’t quite enough.

What do you think would be a neat addition to the end game? Are there any secret recipes you’d like to see added to the game?

They could create something similar like the Diablo Clone event in D2… using Stone of Jordan. Obviously there need to be some adjustments done, since Stone of Jordan is nowhere near as rare in D3 compared to D2… and we don’t have charms, so the reward would have to be something else, but the event itself could be done pretty much the same way. They don’t even need to reinvent the wheel from scratch, they already have a Diablo Clone ready for implementation (they can use stuff from that season theme were it got summoned after a reaching 1k killstreak)

Another idea - similar to the one with “Gem of Ease”

Level 25+ “Boon of the Hoarder” gem + legendary armor piece
adds +% Goldfind to the item


I love the idea of finding a way to bring back uber Diablo. That was such a rad part of D2.

While I don’t think Diablo 3 needs more goldfind, per se, that’s a fantastic thematic idea. More cube recipes with legendary gems would be awesome!