Season's journey page is blank

Just got back into the game for S27, but my season’s journey page just shows as a blank window with no information or progress tracking. The icon for season’s journey that is usually in the top left corner is also not there, and accessing it through the shortcut pulls up the same blank window.

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It’s a known bug.

There is a list of possible solutions:


If you read comments there, nothing works from the proposed solutions. It is several seasons already for me and the same problem. It shows that the hero is seasonal, but the Season Journey progress page is blank and no other signs of season…

Those same workarounds have worked for hundreds of other players… they work for some… and don’t work for others.

6 days ago : Journey icon for journey progress is missing - #5 by Argos-1307

Blizzard has its own list of troubleshooting here:

Perhaps that will work for you…

Out of curiosity and in an attempt to help you…

Is your new hero “Solo Seasonal” or “Seasonal”

Do you see these symbols in the top right of your screen when in Act I ?

What about the Altar of Rites ? It should be located on the road to the Weeping Hollow:

Are you running Windows 11 ? if so, check this post and see if it helps: