Seasons 24 Slayer objectives wrong?

Is there an error with the objective listings for this? Killing the Key-Wardens requirement is less than what shows in chapter 4! I killed Odeg on Torment 4 difficulty but received no award. Help!!


It’s not the Keywarden you need to kill… it’s the 2 ubers/bosses.
(Act 1, the door beside the Healer)

Read the objective carefully.

To enlarge, right-click on screenshot and open in a new tab or new window.


That’s not what my Slayer screen shows. I took a screenshot but I can’t seem to copy the file on to this forum. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You cannot post a screenshot directly; you can only post a link to the screenshot.

Upload your screenshot to a image hosting website (I use and put a link to it in your reply. You also need to convert the link to preformatted text; to do that,

  • Put the link in your reply as you would normally,
  • Highlight the entire link,
  • Click on the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

Your link will look like this :; one cannot click on it but we can copy it into our browser to look at the screenshot.

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Thanks Boubou!

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I… don’t see the problem here?

It’s telling you to kill the uber bosses, like Boubou pointed out. The wording in your screenshot is exactly the same as what Boubou posted. While it does mention the keywarden at the end, it only mentions that because it’s telling you where to get the key so you can kill those bosses (in case you didn’t have a key and didn’t know where to get it, but you should have at least one because you would have got the keys when you did the keywardens for the earlier chapter). The objective is to kill the uber bosses, which it tells you in the first part.



Allow me to provide a preview of your screenshot :

Your screenshot may appear different from mine because I scrolled down a little before taking the screenshot (note the scroll bar on my screenshot) – so the first 2 objectives are “missing” from my screenshot above. But the text of the Realm of Regret objective is identical.

As I have told you before, and as TinneOnnMuin wrote above, you need to go find the 2 ubers… the King of the Dead and the Merciless Witch. I have provided a hint where to find them in my reply to your original post.

I’d rather not tell you more and let you figure it out… solving these riddles is part of the game. If you must absolutely get more help, then use the New Player Help forum; the Technical Support forum is for issues with installing/updating Diablo III, connecting to the game and crashes.

As an appetizer, however, I will leave you with a screenshot taken inside the Realm of Regret.

Best of luck in your games !

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Ok. I understand now. I swear I had a different screen where #3 and #4 were different. Must be the drugs… We still have one problem remaining - Rifticulous #1: I completed this on level 5 (I swear) and got no check mark on the objective. I’m going to try it again…I’ll keep you all advised. :scream:

Are you sure your Hero was level 70 when you did the T5 Rift?


So, that’s…

Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment V difficulty or higher.

  1. Did you do this with a level 70 hero?
  2. Was this done on Torment V or higher?
  3. Was this a Nephalem Rift (yellow portal), i.e. not a Greater Rift (purple portal)?

I appreciate all the help guys…I got it now! I had to wait till I clicked on Orek after completing rift. I thought I just had to kill Rime!

I apologize for the confusion. I do love playing seasons though!!